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Unilux CRFC Home Owners Manual

Find all of the information a homeowner needs to know about their retrofit can foil in this manual. Find troubleshooting tips, maintenance schedules and more. Download your copy today.

Unilux Standard AM Thermostat Manual

Unilux Standard AM Thermostat Manual

Learn how to control our newest thermostat. The Standard AM Thermostat performs all basic functions to deliver quality home comfort. Download the manual now and take control of your comfort settings.


Unilux Touch AM Wi-Fi Thermostat Manual

Learn how to perform all of the functions of the Unilux Touch AM Wi-Fi Thermostat. Change operation modes, temperature and fan settings quickly with this easy-to-use thermostat.


Manual: Unilux Pro AM Wi-Fi Thermostat

Learn how to manually adjust comfort settings on your thermostat. Adjust heating, cooling and ventilation. Set holds, programs and vacations. Everything you need to know about using your thermostat is contained in this manual.

Universe Thermostat Sell Sheet - Thumb

Universe Thermostat Brochure

Unilux VFC’s newest thermostat option providing the wifi, programmable, touch screen option that everyone has been waiting for. Google and Alexa compatible the Universe thermostat offers suite owners the opportunity to include their heating, cooling and ventilation to their smart home system.

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Smart Tech Thermostat Manual 24V

One of the Unilux CRFC standard thermostat options, the Smart Tech thermostat provides customers with easy to control temperature settings. Learn how to use your Smart Tech thermostat here.


Brochure: Retrofit Vertical Stack Fan Coil

Upgrade your comfort with Unilux CRFC. Download our brochure to learn more about the benefits of replacing your vertical fan coil HVAC system.

Unilux CRFC Homeowner Warranty Document

Warranty Information

Review and download our product warranty details here.


Now Available: Extended Warranty

Learn more about our extended warranty option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your retrofit vertical fan coil questions with our frequently asked questions and answers. We’ve compiled the top questions from building managers, condo boards, engineers and residents and answered them in detail. If you have a question we don’t have an answer to, please contact us.

UofT Fan Coil Contamination Study 3

Fan Coil Contamination of Growing Concern

The effects of mould growth within fan coil units in Canadian high-rise buildings – a report by The University of Toronto.