Vertical fan coil unit HVAC systems provide high-rise residents with safe and healthy heating, cooling, and ventilation. Vertical fan coil units are built into the original building’s construction in a small, enclosed footprint, so traditionally they’ve been difficult, disruptive, and expensive to replace – until now.

About the Unilux CRFC Retrofit Fan Coil Unit

The Unilux CRFC retrofit fan coil unit is designed as a solution to remediate and replace aging fan coil units found in residential high-rise buildings over 20 years old. After the existing unit and its components are removed from the cabinet it is reinsulated using a closed cell foam insulation and the retrofit fan coil unit is slid into the remediated cabinet with no damage to the suite’s drywall and surrounding areas. The entire process of retrofitting an existing aging fan coil unit with a new Unilux CRFC retrofit fan coil unit is completed in a day.

Using the same expertise in coil design and equipment, Unilux CRFC created a compact piece of machinery that completely replaces the degrading, outdated components found in an originally installed fan coil unit manufactured 20+ years ago. Replacing the entire system not only improves efficiency and operation but provides better indoor air quality by eliminating dust, dirt and debris that have built up over time.

Unilux CRFC Retrofit Fan Coil Unit

A simple, cost-effective solution for replacing vertical fan coil units.


  • High-efficiency ECM motors significantly reduce electrical consumption
  • Up-to-date electronics, efficient coils and air-flow systems greatly enhance heating and cooling capacity
  • Compact modular design fits through the door opening and inside the current footprint
  • Flew hoses simply connect to existing water sources inside the current cavity.
  • Draw through or blow through design
  • 350 CFM, 450 CFM, 600 CFM, 800 CFM & 1000 CFM depending on building and unit sizes
  • Closed cell foam insulation that prevents microbial growth over time
  • Galvanized stainless steel eliminating potential rust and degradation
  • 1 255-degree angled drain pan reducing pooling water that could cause leaks

Homeowner Benefits

  • No need to repair drywall, paint, etc.
  • Installation only takes a few hours by a qualified technician
  • More efficient HVAC operation with much greater heating and cooling capacity
  • No need to replace existing access panel or thermostat
  • Many years of trouble-free performance

Optional Equipment

  • Replacement thermostat
  • Replacement access panel
  • Replacement supply grilles
  • Air filters


  • Floor/water sensors
  • Variable frequency drives (VFD)
  • Auxiliary Heating

A simple, cost-effective solution for replacing vertical fan coils.