About Us

Unilux CRFC Corporation is the world leader in retrofit fan coil design and manufacturing. The company leverages years of fan coil design, installation and indoor air maintenance expertise in the high-rise residential sector from Unilux VFC. Unilux CRFC has designed and installed retrofit fan coil units in thousands of high-rise residential buildings over 20 plus years old across Canada. Upgrade your comfort by replacing your aging fan coil unit with new technology that is efficient, quiet and reliable.

Fan Coil Design

Unilux CRFC designs and tests all products at our Canadian facility in our extensive research & development lab. Our engineers have years of experience with VFC HVAC systems and are constantly looking for the next breakthrough in home comfort technology.

We continuously improve our existing units and design new models to meet the needs of the market and specific projects. We work closely with industry leaders to implement state-of-the-art features across our entire product line.

Manufacturing Fan Coils

Once a design has been tested and finalized, we’re ready to start producing the model in our 10,000 ft2
manufacturing facility. Our engineers work closely with production to ensure every unit coming off the line is to specification.

Unilux CRFC is a privately-owned manufacturer providing leading-edge, highly-reliable HVAC solutions throughout Canada.

The Team

Les Woods

Leslie (Les) Woods is the co-founder, President and CEO of Unilux CRFC Corporation. Prior to founding Unilux CRFC, he was the co-founder and CEO of the Certified Group for over 20 years. During his tenure, the Certified Group became the leader in the clean air services, providing customers across Canada and the United States with world-class fan coil units servicing and maintenance. Les’ vision for Unilux CRFC is to continue this market leadership by further integrating his experience in servicing and maintaining fan coil units in the high-rise residential sector with the manufacturing of retrofit fan coil units to provide his customers with the health, safety and comfort they deserve in their homes. Les approaches the retrofit fan coil market with understanding and education surrounding indoor air quality and the importance of creating solutions to aging fan coil challenges.

Les has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC clean air industry.

From a very young age, Les has had a passion for boxing. With his work ethic, great leadership and visionary personality he brought his grandfather’s dream to fruition and continued his family’s legacy by working alongside LMSC and TSN to build Global Legacy Boxing, a passion project and now globally recognized sports brand in the boxing world.

Tim_Black Background

Tim Reeve-Newson
SR Vice President & General Manager

Tim brings 15 years of expertise in strategic planning and business development. He started his career in equipment manufacturing for the condominium and rental industry, developing long-standing relationships and becoming a thought leader.

After completing his MBA from the Ivey Business School, Tim worked at Procter and Gamble, acquiring expertise in process management, forecasting and consumer-centric brand building. Tim is determined to develop Unilux CRFC’s thought leadership in the retrofit fan coil industry through education and engagement.

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