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Unilux VFC has been designing and manufacturing HVAC solutions for high-rise residential applications for almost 50 years. We offer a full range of vertical & horizontal fan coil products that provide the most efficient, quiet and reliable heating, cooling and ventilation for condominiums, apartments, hotels and retirement residences. Unilux VFC products have been in use for over 40 years.

Fan Coil Design

Unilux VFC designs and test all of our products at our facility in our extensive research & development lab. Our engineers have years of experience with VFC HVAC systems and are constantly looking for the next breakthrough in home comfort technology.

We continuously improve our existing units and design new models to meet the needs of the market and specific projects. We work closely with industry leaders to implement state-of-the-art features across our entire product line.

Manufacturing Fan Coils

Once a design has been tested and finalized, we’re ready to start producing the model in our 66,000 ft2 manufacturing facility. Our engineers work closely with production to ensure every unit coming off the line is to specification.

Unilux VFC is a privately-owned manufacturer providing leading-edge, highly-reliable HVAC solutions throughout North America.

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