Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Will your replacement vertical fan coil unit fit and work in our existing fan coil cabinets?

Yes. Unilux CRFC replacement vertical fan coil units are compatible with Unilux VFC cabinets as well as cabinets produced by other manufacturers. Our retrofit solution works no matter what type of original fan coil equipment was installed. This means, you can now choose the industry leader in vertical fan coil solutions for your next replacement job.


Do we need to change supply and return valves?

If existing shut-off valves are not seized and are operational, it may not be necessary to replace the valves. This is a key component of our site visit and an item we thoroughly investigate before providing your team with a quotation for work.

If the shut-off valves do need to be replaced, we will outline that work in the quotation and discuss all of the details with you.


Is there a time of year that these need to be installed?

While there is no set time of year to replace a vertical fan coil, we recommend doing it in the spring or fall – what we call “shoulder” seasons. During these seasons, the temperatures are more moderate and residents will be less disrupted by a lack of heating, cooling and ventilation while the new vertical fan coil unit is being installed. When replacing vertical fan coils, we like to keep residents front of mind.


What will our energy savings be?

Energy savings from replacing a vertical fan coil unit vary from building to building. You will save energy instantly due to the new technology in a new vertical fan coil. The motors and other electrical components are all new designs created to reduce energy consumption.

Motors are the largest consumer of energy in a vertical fan coil. Our new ECM motors use up to 80% less kilowatt-hours (KwH), on average, than outdated PSC motors. For more information on motors reducing energy causes, check out our motor case study.


Will we have better air flow?

Replacing your vertical fan coil unit will improve air flow and indoor air quality. Air flow improvement varies from building to building but, you can expect a drastic improvement. By replacing all of the old components we improve the strength and efficiency of the motor as well as eliminate the build up of dust, dirt and debris that have bogged down the fan coil over the years.


Do we need to worry about mould?

Mould should be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Old fan coils units create an environment where mould can grow, so it is possible that it exists. However, it’s not present in every fan coil unit and can resolved fairly easily. Our team will work with you and mould experts to determine the safest, most cost-effective way to deal with mould should you need to deal with it.

Our Unilux CRFC replacement fan coil cabinets are lined with a closed-cell insulation to prevent mould from growing inside the new cabinet.


How long will the install take and how do we schedule an installation?

Installing a single retrofit vertical fan coil can be done in a few hours. The timeline for a full-building installation depends on the size of the building and the complexity of the existing fan coils.

To schedule an installation, or to find out more about what is involved, please contact us.


What is the warranty period and what does it cover?

Unilux CRFC offers a 2-year limited warranty. To read our full warranty, click here.


This is not in our budget and the equipment is working fine now – why should I invest the money to replace now?

If your building is 15 years old or older, it’s time to consider replacing your vertical fan coils. Even if your equipment is operating fine now, it is reaching the end of its life. You may start to experience issues with varying components. Replacing vertical fan coils with an Unilux CRFC solution proactively eliminates this possibility.

Replacing vertical fan coils also greatly improves indoor air quality. Residents will notice an impact – even if their current HVAC equipment is working fine.

Finally, you will save energy. There are currently rebate programs offered by electrical utility companies in many cities to help reduce the cost of replacing fan coils. Besides the rebate programs, the new fan coils are a lot more efficient and will help drastically reduce the buildings’ and residents’ energy costs. So, replacing vertical fan coils can actually save you significant amounts of money.


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