Reduce Fan Coil Energy Consumption

Replacing outdated vertical fan coil units can save you energy just like replacing old light bulbs. Although, you save a lot more energy. If you have an aging fan coil, you could see great results.


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New Fan Coil Technology

Vertical fan coil unit technology has come a long way since the 1970s & 1980s. New electronics, motors, valves and safety components help save energy and improve resident experience. New designs also make maintaining & cleaning the unit easier. By far the biggest energy savers are the new motors.

Saving you money

Fan Coil Rebate Programs

Many utility providers offer rebate programs for replacing fan coils and motors with new technology. Managers & residents in Toronto, ON can participate in a rebate program until 2020. There are many other rebate programs that exist. Please contact your local utility provider or Unilux CRFC to find out if you can participate in a rebate program.


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