Retrofitting Condominiums


Regardless of the size, the suite you live in is a large part of the building you call home. Like a residential dwelling, your home requires attention and maintenance to ensure all your appliance and equipment are functioning safely and efficiently. Your fan coil unit is one of the only pieces of equipment found in your suite that is in constant operation. It provides heating, cooling and ventilation to your suite and therefore determines the quality of indoor air in your home. As your fan coil unit begin to age, the indoor air quality can become compromised. Unilux CRFC has a unique retrofit solution for all makes and models of aging vertical fan coil units found in high rise residences.

Replace Your Vertical Fan Coil Unit

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Make maintenance easier
  • Are much quieter

Building Partnerships

Unilux CRFC works with property managers, condo boards, superintendents, residents, engineering firms and local utility companies to make the retrofit project as easy as possible. We inform all those involved on the benefits of a retrofit project, and work with mechanical engineering firms to provide expertise in retrofits and replacements in high-rise residential buildings. Unilux CRFC works hand in hand with those involved in a retrofit project from conception to completion.

Residents and building management can take advantage of energy savings by choosing to retrofit their existing fan coil units. By simply replacing your existing fan coil unit with retrofit model that includes an ECM motor can qualify you for rebates depending on the region you live in. In addition to any rebates you may qualify for you will save on energy every year thanks to the upgraded retrofit fan coil unit’s efficiencies.

Measurable Energy Savings

Our in-suite energy testing resulted in massive energy savings with new retrofit fan coils compared to aging fan coils. Residential suites with a retrofit fan coil realized savings of at least 84% in kilowatt consumption.

This means more money in your pocket each month.

Read Our Motor Case Study


Floor by Floor Satisfaction

Our unique retrofit vertical fan coil unit design makes replacing your HVAC system quick and easy with little disruption. Our non-invasive process ensures resident satisfaction throughout the installation process.

Installation happens in a few hours with no damage to your existing drywall and/or suite. Technicians strip out all of the old equipment, clean the cabinet and install the brand-new fan coil in the condo.



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