75 King St. E.

Welcome to the 75 King St. E. registration page.

Unilux is pleased to offer the residents of 75 King St. E. retrofit fan coils to replace the original, 30-year-old, Unilux fan coils.

Fan_Coil_Unit_Rendering_With_Equipment_Specification_300pxWhat is a fan coil?

Vertical fan coil units (VFC) are a type of HVAC system commonly found in condominiums. The system consists of two main components – a fan and a coil. The fan draws ambient air from the suite and blows it across a coil that contains hot or cold water. The air is heated or cooled depending on the season and thermostat settings, then recirculated into the suite. A fan coil also cycles and filters the air in your home.


As part of the fan coil project, Unilux is offering the opportunity to upgrade your fan coil accessories.

Fan coil upgrade accessories: