What is a Fan Coil Unit?

Vertical fan coils are a type of HVAC system found in high-rise residential buildings. The system consists of a fan and a coil that circulates hot or cold water to heat, cool, and ventilate the suites and common areas. The building’s make-up air unit draws in fresh air from outside, pressurizing the corridors which pushes air into suites. Fan coils draw in air from the suite, condition it, and then supply it back into the suite. The thermostat found in a suite controls all these features. The vertical fan coil can be found behind an access panel, in the wall, within the suite.

Aging Fan Coil Units

A fan coil is one of the only pieces of equipment in a building in constant operation. Like a furnace in a single-family home, it has an expected lifespan. While Unilux products are incredibly durable, with some of our original fan coils still in operation, units over 20 years old should be inspected by the original equipment manufacturer to assess the condition. Fan coils in buildings older than 20 years have a higher risk of having these issues:

Why Retrofit Your Fan Coil Unit?

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved heating, cooling, and ventilation
  • Remediate Mould
  • Enjoy a safe and healthy living environment

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Finance Your Retrofit Fan Coil Project

Unilux CRFC offers a convenient and flexible financing program for residents and buildings looking to retrofit their aging fan coils. Upgrade your in-suite comfort conveniently by retrofitting fan coils within your budget.

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