Unilux High Rise Retrofit Vertical
Fan Coil Unit

With 50 years of experience in manufacturing vertical fan coil units, Unilux CRFC is the industry leading in providing solutions for high-rise residential buildings that have aging vertical fan coil units. Unilux CRFC specializes in manufacturing retrofit fan coil units that replaces all the existing components without affecting the walls, suite, or the rest of the building.

Palace Pier Condominium Toronto

Your Comfort is Our Business

Finance Your Retrofit Fan Coil

Unilux CRFC offers financing options to make purchasing your retrofit fan coil unit easier. Learn more about our programs and the incentives here.

Finance Retrofit Fan Coil
Finance Retrofit Fan Coil

Finance Your Retrofit Fan Coil

Unilux CRFC now offers financing to make purchasing your retrofit fan coil unit easier. To learn more about our program and its incentives hit the button below.

Vertical Fan Coil Access Panel and Thermostat

Cleaner Air &
84% Energy Use Reduction

As a building begins to age so too will the originally installed equipment – including the fan coil units. Aging fan coil units can create issue that over time have been linked to health implications. Learn more about the importance of health and safety surrounding the fan coil unit in your home.

Aging HVAC

Vertical stack fan coil units deteriorate over time.

  • Coils become clogged and less efficient
  • Motors age and use excess energy
  • Water from the coil during cooling season causes components to rust leading to potential leaking
  • Aging wiring and insulation begin to fail leading to expensive repairs and poor air quality
Dirty Old Draw-Through Vertical Fan Coil Unit
Unilux VFC Vertical Fan Coil Service Van

The Unilux CRFC
Fan Coil Installation

In under 4 hours, skilled technicians will:

  1. Turn off water and power to the unit and disconnect from building wide services
  2. Remove the equipment inside of the existing cabinet including all insulation
  3. Replace cabinet insulation and install the new Unilux CRFC inside of your cabinet
  4. Connect to the building services, install new programmable thermostat and fully test the fan coil unit to ensure quiet and efficient operation

Wi-Fi Control

Control your Unilux CRFC retrofit fan coil from anywhere with Wi-Fi using Universe. Our Universe app makes comfort control a breeze.

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